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Oyster Grading

Speed up your grading process and accuracy with our easy-to-use oyster grading equipment

Oyster grading is no longer a bottleneck for your Oyster production.

KW Automation Oyster Singulation & Grading Line

We know Oyster Farming is a tough gig.

So how can KW Automation make it better?

Increased Profits

Discover how to get more money from each oyster that your harvest.

Save on labor costs while increasing throughput and make YOUR business both more efficient and profitable.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By automatically sorting by weight instead of physical size you will be able to provide a better product to your customers.

Your customers will appreciate getting fresh, correctly sized oysters.

Reduce Wastage

Stop wasting both your harvest and your profits by downgrading oysters to a smaller size based on the physical size. This is pure waste.

Automatically sort your oysters by weight.

At KW Automation, we believe that sorting your harvest profitably...


KW Automation

Oyster farming is no easy task, and we understand and respect this at KW Automation. The stresses of meeting the market demand and balancing this with unforeseeable events such as changes in water quality or disease outbreaks can be very demanding.

So with these challenges, it is absolutely critical for the financial sustainability of your oyster farm to ensure the maximum yield, or return, when it comes time to sell your harvest to market. It is just as critical to get your harvest prepared for market as cost effectively as possible. Achieving the best market price with the lowest production costs creates the Return On Investment (ROI) to enable long term financial sustainability of your oyster farm.

The KW Automation Oyster Grading Line has been designed to deliver additional profits through two very key areas as follows.

1- What would it mean to you if you could grade all of your oysters at their correct size?

Our Oyster Grading Line is designed to sort via weight, not the physical size. This ensures that you will not be downgrading, or downsizing any of your harvest which might be 'border line' when it comes to the physical size, or leaving it up to the judgement of your team sorting them.

Think about how many oysters that you harvest in week and what impact it would be if all were graded and sold at their correct size? Now multiply that by 1 year ..... this can be a big number.

This also increases the Customer Experience and ultimately your business and profits as your customers will know the quality of your product and the fact that 'they get what they paid for' when it comes to sizing quality.

2- What would it mean to your harvest profitability if you could sort and grade with only 2 people?

Our Oyster Grading Line has been designed to be easy to use and can be operated by two people. This just creates so many questions when you start to think about this ...

  • What would that do to my wage bill each week?
  • Does that mean I have more capacity?
  • Does that mean I get to spend more time with my family and friends?

So ... Where to next?

If you would like to learn more about the KW Automation Oyster Grading Line, then the next step is to fill in the details below. From there, one of our team will reach out to you to.

This will not be a sales call, unless you want it to be.

We will simply be telling you a bit more about the Oyster Grading Line.

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